IMP KONTAKT – satisfies your wishes

You are a trade company which has been present on the market for twelve years. What is your commercial territory?

Since the company’s foundation in 1997, IMP Kontakt spol. s r. o. has focused exclusively on the Slovak market. At the end of  2005 we started importing threaded self-clinching fasteners for sheet-metal from Asia. Slovak customers’ reaction to this was overwhelmingly positive, therefore we started to develop our export activities to surrounding countries as well as our traditional domestic trade. The location of our head-office in Bratislava highlights the importance of this central geographical location. Currently we have more than 100 international customers, especially in the Czech Republic, but also in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Latvia and Romania.

What range of goods do you offer in the Czech Republic?

In particular self-clinching fasteners for thin sheets and riveting-nuts. To a lesser extent, we are also successful with threaded inserts for metal and plastic. Recently introduced to our range are weld-on elements from the U.K., blind-rivets, and POP riveting-tools.

To what degree are you operative with your supplies – i.e. what is the time between order placement and delivery of goods?

We have more than 6 million pieces in stock, because delivery from Asia takes approx. 7–10 days by plane and up to 2 months by ship. For this reason we stock pile approx. 3 million riveting-nuts and other goods. Our customers rightly expect fast and superior service – as ensured for more than 10 years by the brothers Milan, Pavol and Peter Hanko. Our Czech and Moravian customers are
served within 24 hours of placing an order by means of the DPD courier service.

How operative are you with respect to Czech customers? Can you supply to the whole of the Czech Republic?

Our customers have known us for many years as a reliable supplier – we have gained their confidence with our supply of quality goods at very favourable prices. Our launch on the Czech market quickly reduced the prices of selfclinching fasteners, and in a relatively short period of time we became one of the major suppliers of such goods. We have been offering free shipment in the
Czech Republic for orders over CZK 1,000 in recent months.

The promotion whereby our customers received POP professional hand tools for free – depending on order size – has also been very successful. In fact, due to exceptional customer demand, this promotion has been extended until the end of September.

In the Czech Republic you supply various fasteners for sheet metal. Do you also have some new items for our customers?

Features of our new range can be viewed at the MSV Brno, Pavilion V. New products include professional  riveting hand tools, weld-on , and rivets. Along with selfclinching fasteners, riveting- and cagenuts, we can provide customers with a  range of fasteners for thin-sheet products.

Most of the fasteners are manufactured in . How do you ensure product quality?

At the outset we organise a thorough and vigorous selection of suppliers. After the sampling and testing of goods, we proceed with regular supply agreements under the parameters of on-going quality control. We check fasteners for hardness using our own testing equipment, as well as utilising calibration equipment to monitor threads and other dimensions.

This July our company successfully passed the ISO 9001:2000 certification process. This implemented quality management system helps us to further  the quality of customer service  well as that of sold fasteners.

How has the global economic recession affected your company?

In Slovakia our company supplies Elesa + Ganter machinery components especially to sub-contractors of the automotive industry and interconnected companies. The drop in car production and the lack of affordable loans for mechanical engineering companies has negatively impacted our shipments. 

This recent period of declined sales has returned us to the 2005–2006 level. However, our operating balance has been improved by vigorously pursuing exports, this segment now accounts for approx. 20% of our sales. We firmly believe that we will further increase exports, and by so doing compensate for the “outage” on the domestic market. The mechanical engineering sector currently is undergoing a difficult situation, but we strongly believe that this autumn will bring about a recovery.

Thank you very much for this interview.
We talked to Mr. Ing. Miroslav Petráš, IMP Kontakt, s. r. o.